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110/220GB SDLT-1 Int Crbn SCSI/LVD Kit
Option Part# 203919-006

The Compaq SDLT 110/220 tape drive is the first product in the SDLT family that offers increased capacity and performance over DLT. The SDLT 110/220 is a tape drive used for data protection in high-duty cycle environments. This product is for Compaq customers who use Corporate-to-Enterprise servers and require higher performance greater capacity and enterprise class reliability.This product is supported through Compaq Insight Manager which alerts the administrator when tape status changes or when re-write/re-read thresholds are exceeded. The Tape Storage Management Console is a utility that offers customers an easy way to diagnose and upgrade their tape drive firmware when necessary. The SDLT tape drive supports the StorageWorks DRTape Disaster Recovery Utility. This software utility allows the user to recover both software and data on their Compaq servers in the event of a failure or should a disaster strike.

Category: Proliant

Sub-Category: Tape Drive

Generation: 110/220GB

Part Number: 203919-006

Products ID: 13015

Tape Type: Super DLT

Native Capacity: 110GB

Interface Type: SCSI

Enclosure Type: Internal

Compressed Capacity: 220GB

SCSI Signaling Type: Low Voltage Differenctial (LVD)


Part Number