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Brocade Cisco Sun Microsystems


DECserver 90M, 8 MJ8 Ports no power supply, 1MB Flash

The DECserver 90M is a synchronous device and remote access server that connects terminals, printers, modems and serial devices over Ethernet LANs.
Thin Wire support is provided when used in the DEChub90 / MultiSwitch 900 via the backplane. The DECserver 90M supports up to eight sessions per port and speeds up to 115.2 Kb/s per port. The DECserver 90M runs DECserver Network Access Software (DNAS) that delivers multi-protocol support for TCP/IP, LAT, IPX, and AppleTalk networks.

Establish communication with virtually any serial device with a reliable connection to manage your network from anywhere with Digital Networks DECserver 90M.

The DECserver 90M ships with 4MB of internal RAM. 1MB of on-board FLASH RAM is provided with network load host options through a BootP server. The DECserver 90M can be used as a standalone unit, in a single MultiStack Tray or in the DEChub 90/MultiSwitch 900 series hubs.

- Connect up to 8 serial devices to Ethernet/Internet.
- Provide secure access for IT staffâ¬"s management of network resources.
-Delivers optimum data at speeds up to 115.2 Kb/s.
- Support multiple user access to a single port.
- Manage your serial device network with embedded DNAS (DECserver Network Access Software).

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