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AlphaServer DS15A 1GB, No license

The HP AlphaServer DS15A systems are available with a 1-GHz Alpha chip, the 21264C. Memory starts at 512 Mbytes and can be increased to 4 Gbytes. Second-level cache is 2 Mbytes. The switch-based system interconnect exploits the full potential of the Alpha chip.

The system measures 5.1 x 17.6 x 19.65 inches (3U) and can be placed on a desktop, desk side, or rackmounted in a choice of three rack cabinets (two M-Series and one 10000 Series), along with additional disks. In the largest cabinet (79 inches) up to 13 systems can be installed, or if more storage is desired, there can be up to six StorageWorks shelves and up to four systems.

A maximum of four drive bays are available when ordering the Front Access Storage Cage; three drives bays are available when ordering the Internal Storage Cage. Each storage cage includes a DVD/CD-RW drive. A 5.25-inch removable media device can be added to either storage cage, consuming one storage bay in the Internal Storage Cage and utilizing two storage bays in the Front Access Storage Cage. Up to 435.6-GB SCSI storage is available in systems with the Front Access Storage Cage and 218.2 GB in systems with the Internal Storage Cage.

There are four full-length PCI slots, four 64-bit slots @ 33 MHz or two 64-bit slots @ 66 MHz. Integrated on the system board are two 10/100 Mbit fast Ethernet controllers, two serial ports, two-port Ultra160 SCSI controller – one port supports internal devices, one port supports external devices, and keyboard and mouse ports.


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