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Brocade Cisco Sun Microsystems

AlphaServer DS15

These versatile machines can be custom configured to your specifications. Upgrade your existing DS10 machines for added performance and reliability with these newer and faster machines. The DS15 entry server is a refresh of the existing DS10 uniprocessor server . The DS10 is a 3U server that uses the prior generation of EV68 processors, and the DS15 includes a faster 1GHz EV68 processor as well as faster main memory and more I/O bandwidth.  The DS10 machine had a 600MHz EV68 processor with 2MB of L2 cache and 2GB of maximum main memory and up to 364GB of disk storage. The new DS15 sports a 1GHz EV68 with 2MB of L2 cache and up to 4GB of main memory and up to 435GB of disk capacity in a 3U chassis. It also has 2GB/sec of I/O bandwidth, which is significantly higher than the 250MB/sec bandwidth of the DS10.

Part Number
AlphaServer DS15